Best Japanese Knives

Japan is well known all around the world to have high quality knives. For centuries Japanese craftsmen has been working with steel. But what is it exactly that makes Japanese knives stand out from the rest? In this blog article I´ll explain a bit more in-depth why these knives tends to be better than the rest.

Thinner, Sharper and much Harder

Yes, that pretty much says it all. The craftsmen who now live in Japan has it in their blood. Their ancestors has developed this skill for centuries. To make their steel knives thinner, sharper and harder. This is all very important attributes for good filet-knives. A knife that is harder tends to last longer aswell, and have a sharper edge for a longer period of time.

Only Excellence is Good Enough

japanese knife

Japanese people are also known for working hard and working towards perfection. This work ethic truly shows in their producing and creation of high quality steel Japanese butcher knives. The Japanese knife makers will always look for ways to improve and get better. This philosophy helps them evolve even further, They never give up and work hard! This is a very important and inspiring philosophy we can apply to many different areas in our lives.

Ganbare! – Japanese which means “Hang in there”, “Never Give Up”

The Thickness of the Knife

An European knife is normally a bit thicker and heavier with a robust and thick edge. This is good for cutting through chicken bones and likely. Japanese steak knives on the other hand, are most often thinner and lighter. Since they are used for slicing through thinner and lighter meats, like fish.